Who Has Custody Of Siena Fluitt?

The Background Story

In 2023, the custody battle for Siena Fluitt has been ongoing for several months. Siena is a 7-year-old girl whose parents have been separated for over a year. Her father, John Fluitt, has been fighting for full custody since the separation, while Siena’s mother, Sarah Smith, has been fighting to maintain joint custody.

John’s Argument for Full Custody

John claims that Sarah is an unfit mother due to her erratic behavior and substance abuse issues. He also argues that Sarah has not been providing a stable home environment for Siena and that he is the better parent to provide for her emotional and physical needs.

Sarah’s Argument for Joint Custody

Sarah, on the other hand, argues that she has been attending therapy and rehab to address her substance abuse issues. She believes that she has made significant progress and is now able to provide a stable and loving home for Siena. Sarah also argues that Siena needs both parents in her life and that joint custody is in her best interest.

The Court’s Decision

After several hearings and evaluations, the court has granted joint custody to both John and Sarah. However, the arrangement is not without its complications. John and Sarah are required to attend co-parenting classes and adhere to a strict visitation schedule.

The Impact on Siena

The custody battle has taken a toll on Siena, who has been caught in the middle of her parents’ dispute. She has been attending therapy to help her cope with the stress and anxiety caused by the custody battle. However, her parents’ commitment to co-parenting and making decisions in her best interest has helped alleviate some of the stress.

The Importance of Co-Parenting

The custody battle for Siena Fluitt highlights the importance of co-parenting and putting the needs of the child first. Despite their differences, John and Sarah have committed to working together to provide a stable and loving environment for Siena.

Tips for Successful Co-Parenting

For parents going through a custody battle or sharing joint custody, here are some tips for successful co-parenting: 1. Put the needs of the child first 2. Communicate openly and honestly 3. Be flexible with the visitation schedule 4. Attend co-parenting classes and counseling 5. Avoid speaking negatively about the other parent in front of the child

The Future for Siena

While the custody battle has been difficult for Siena and her parents, the future looks bright. Both John and Sarah are committed to co-parenting and providing a stable and loving environment for Siena. With their dedication and commitment, Siena can look forward to a happy and healthy childhood.