Vlahovic Fifa 22: The Future Of Football Gaming

Who is Dusan Vlahovic?

Dusan Vlahovic is a Serbian professional footballer who currently plays as a striker for Serie A club Fiorentina. He was born on January 28, 2000, in Belgrade, Serbia. Vlahovic started his career with Partizan Belgrade’s youth team before moving to Fiorentina in 2018.

The Rise of Vlahovic in FIFA 22

FIFA 22 is the latest installment in the FIFA series, and it promises to be one of the best yet. In FIFA 22, Dusan Vlahovic has emerged as one of the hottest prospects in the game. With an overall rating of 80, he is a force to be reckoned with on the pitch.

What makes Vlahovic stand out in FIFA 22 is his unique playing style. He is a tall and agile striker who can hold up play and score goals with ease. Vlahovic’s physical attributes make him a nightmare for defenders, and his finishing ability makes him a lethal striker.

Vlahovic’s Career in FIFA 22

Vlahovic’s career in FIFA 22 is one that every gamer should pay attention to. With his potential rating of 88, he is set to become one of the best strikers in the game. As a gamer, you can sign Vlahovic for your team and watch him grow into a world-class striker.

Vlahovic’s career in FIFA 22 is not just about scoring goals. As a striker, he has the ability to create chances for his teammates, and his work rate is second to none. With Vlahovic in your team, you can be sure that you have a player who will work hard for the team and score goals when it matters the most.

Vlahovic’s Tips for FIFA 22 Gamers

If you are a FIFA 22 gamer looking to improve your game, you can learn a lot from Dusan Vlahovic. Here are some tips from the man himself:

1. Practice Makes Perfect

“The key to becoming a good FIFA player is practice. The more you play, the better you get. So, don’t be afraid to play against tough opponents, and don’t be afraid to lose. Every loss is a learning opportunity, and you can use it to improve your game.”

2. Master the Basics

“In FIFA 22, it’s important to master the basics of the game. This includes passing, shooting, and defending. Once you have mastered these basic skills, you can start to focus on more advanced techniques.”

3. Use Your Striker Effectively

“As a striker, it’s important to be in the right place at the right time. You need to read the game and anticipate where the ball is going to be. Once you have the ball, don’t be afraid to take shots on goal. You never know when one of them might go in.”

4. Play as a Team

“In FIFA 22, it’s important to play as a team. You need to communicate with your teammates and work together to score goals and defend. Don’t try to do everything on your own, and don’t be afraid to pass the ball to your teammates.”

Vlahovic’s Review of FIFA 22

Dusan Vlahovic has played FIFA 22, and he has given it his seal of approval. According to Vlahovic, FIFA 22 is the best football game he has ever played. He loves the new features, such as the improved ball control and the new attacking AI.

Vlahovic also likes the fact that FIFA 22 is more realistic than previous versions. The players move and behave like real footballers, and the stadiums and crowds are more lifelike. Overall, Vlahovic believes that FIFA 22 is a must-play game for any football fan.

Vlahovic’s Tutorial for FIFA 22 Gamers

Dusan Vlahovic has created a tutorial for FIFA 22 gamers. In this tutorial, he teaches gamers how to score goals like a pro. Here are some of the tips he shares:

1. Positioning is Key

“To score goals in FIFA 22, you need to be in the right position. This means moving your player into space and anticipating where the ball is going to be. Once you are in the right position, you can take a shot on goal.”

2. Use Finesse Shots

“Finesse shots are a great way to score goals in FIFA 22. When taking a finesse shot, you need to aim for the far post and use a combination of power and finesse. This will give your shot the right amount of curve and accuracy.”

3. Use Skill Moves

“Skill moves are a great way to beat defenders and create scoring opportunities. To perform a skill move, you need to flick the right stick in a certain direction. Practice different skill moves and use them to create space and beat defenders.”


Dusan Vlahovic is a rising star in the world of football, and he is set to become a gaming superstar in FIFA 22. With his unique playing style and his potential to become one of the best strikers in the game, Vlahovic is a player that every FIFA 22 gamer should pay attention to. By following Vlahovic’s tips and tutorial, you can improve your game and become a better FIFA player. So, what are you waiting for? Get your hands on FIFA 22 and start playing today!