How to earn money from your wattpad

This article was originally published in the March 2017 issue of The Moneymaker.You can subscribe to the BBC News Magazine’s email newsletter to get articles sent to your inbox.The wattpad is a personal financial planner.It allows you to manage money for yourself and your family and helps you manage your financial situation in a way […]

What’s the difference between an app and an app store?

The $99.99 version of your Android phone will automatically scan your QR code and give you $10.99 for your first 10 apps.You can buy additional apps later.The $49.99 app store will give you 30 apps, $3.99 each for each additional app.The more apps you buy, the more money you’ll earn.If you buy 10 apps, the […]

How to earn extra income in the job market

How to make more money in your job interview?Start by taking the time to read the job posting.You can read the hiring manager’s job posting and read the online job listing before making an appointment.It may also be helpful to do a Google search for the job.This is called “tasking” and is a common practice […]

Which sports leagues earn the most money?

The top-earning leagues in the NFL, NHL and NBA are all earning the most on TV this season, according to data released by Nielsen on Thursday.The National Hockey League (NHL), NBA, Major League Baseball (MLB), MLB, and NBA combine to make up the largest TV market in the world.But they’re not the only leagues in […]