Which game developer will make a $1 billion video game?

The video game industry is getting a little bit bigger this year, but it’s not because of the new consoles and virtual reality.It’s because of more people getting rich.Here are 10 video game developers that earned a billion dollars.(Editor’s note: This list includes the top five, but not the top 10.)1.Electronic Arts2.Activision3.Take-Two4.Electronic Music5.Activision Blizzard6.Electronic Gaming7.Microsoft […]

How to make a Bitcoin and get paid

Do you have a Bitcoin, but are still struggling to get a decent salary?Or maybe you are a full-time college student or a freelancer.But don’t worry.We have an article that will give you an idea how to make your dream a reality.If you are looking for a job, or want to start earning Bitcoins, you […]

How to pay for your next trip to Disneyland

How to earn money with the game Skyrim.You’ve probably played it a couple of times already and you’re probably itching to get out and get some money, and you probably have an itch to do some shopping.But there’s another game in the game, too, and it’s also available on Steam, which means you can get […]