What’s it like to be an editor?

You probably haven’t heard of the editors who work in the pages of The New Yorker, the Economist, the Washington Post, and the New York Times.But they are among the most influential figures in American journalism.That means they can affect the future of journalism in ways no other newsrooms can.For the most part, the editors […]

How much does a plasma ad earn?

A new ad campaign aims to bring back a classic movie that was used as the template for the HBO hit, The Wire, which starred Gary Oldman and was based on the crime thriller of the same name.The adverts are titled “Paleontological Timepiece” and aim to raise awareness of the fact that a new plasma […]

How much does Adwords earn?

What do you earn for your website?Adwords is a profitable business, but what do you get out of it?That’s a question worth asking.The company’s revenue for the year ended September 30, 2018, was $4.1 billion, according to the company’s financial statements.The revenue it earned last year was $3.9 billion, a gain of $1.4 billion, but […]