What’s the difference between an app and an app store?

The $99.99 version of your Android phone will automatically scan your QR code and give you $10.99 for your first 10 apps.You can buy additional apps later.The $49.99 app store will give you 30 apps, $3.99 each for each additional app.The more apps you buy, the more money you’ll earn.If you buy 10 apps, the […]

BuzzTube earns $100k in 3 days – Buzztube

By Business Insider StaffBuzzTube has just reached the point where it has to do what it does best: make money.The platform has just over $100,000 in monthly revenue, and it has raised over $2 million to date.That is all the money it needs to pay for the team it has hired for the next four […]

Why You Should Buy The New WeChat PayPay app, Its Really Good For You

WeChat has finally launched its Pay app, and the app is good for people who want to earn money from their WeChat accounts.The app is designed to be easy to use, and allows users to earn extra money by earning and selling virtual items.The apps main goal is to help people earn money in an […]

Why ‘Earn Payoneer Money’ Is A Bad Idea: Payoneers, Paid Apps And Google Pay

A new wave of companies is taking advantage of the pay-to-play model, and in a way that can make you feel bad about paying money for something you might have bought a month ago.Pay-to, Pay-to Earn, and Pay-To-Play are two of the most popular types of online payment platforms in the United States, and they’re […]