What astrology and gurus can teach you about your career

The article above, published by astrology subreddit, provides a very simple overview of the field, but it does a lot of things right.First, it highlights the basics.It tells you about the field and how it works.It shows you how to find and sign up for courses and training programs.It provides examples of how to apply […]

Applike earn more than astrology

Astrology is a popular hobby, but is it a legitimate one?What makes an astrologer earn more money?We spoke to some of the best earning astrologers on the planet to find out.Read more about this article.1.Andrew J Breen, Astrology Guru: $4 million per year The Astrology Gurus are not just paying Astrologers a living wage, they […]

How do you earn money when you’re a daily astrologer?

There are many astrologers that earn money daily, but I am not one of them.When I first started freelancing in 2009 I thought, I don’t need any money, because I’m not going to have to spend it on my hobbies.I started earning money as a daily, and I would earn even more money as I […]

I earned enough to buy a house and a car, but it took me a while to earn enough to live comfortably, according to a guide from the Daily Mail

New Zealanders are spending more than ever before to live well.In fact, the country has overtaken the US as the world’s most expensive place to live.This has been a major driver of the housing market.It is not uncommon for people to spend tens of thousands of dollars to buy and upgrade their home, and the […]