How to earn money from your wattpad

This article was originally published in the March 2017 issue of The Moneymaker.You can subscribe to the BBC News Magazine’s email newsletter to get articles sent to your inbox.The wattpad is a personal financial planner.It allows you to manage money for yourself and your family and helps you manage your financial situation in a way […]

House Republicans push for $10 billion in aid for hurricane relief

A Senate Republican group on Thursday introduced legislation that would provide $10.4 billion to aid Hurricane Harvey relief efforts.The House passed the bill earlier this month with an amendment that would have provided $7.4 million to FEMA and $2.3 billion for other federal agencies.The Senate bill would provide an additional $2 billion in FEMA funding, […]

How to earn more money by selling your products online

Nowadays, there is a lot of competition among webmasters and SEOs.For example, the WordPress platform has hundreds of thousands of websites out there, all vying for the attention of the visitors and advertisers.Many of these websites offer high-end SEO services and offer a great deal of value for their customers.However, most of the SEO services […]