How WeChat earns money quote Earn $30,000 with $50,000 in the bank

WeChat, a Chinese-owned messaging app, has earned $30 million in the past five years, the company announced on Monday.WeChat earned $1.2 billion in total revenue last year.It had a total of 1.8 billion monthly active users at the end of March, according to WeChat’s website.We are growing rapidly, and WeChat has the most active community […]

Why the Champions League is no longer worth watching

The Champions League has been a success story for the English Premier League, and the competition is back in its own league with the announcement of a new 12-team tournament for next season.However, as the league is still struggling to adapt to digital platforms, the Champions Leagues website, which was first launched in August 2016, […]

Why I think I am the smartest person in the world

This article is the fourth in a series on why I think you are the smartest, and the smartest people in the universe.I think the most important thing is that the world’s smartest people are the ones who have the most to offer, not those who are better at the job.In other words, if someone […]