How to earn money on Twitter: ‘It’s not easy’

People often ask me about the difficulty of making money online.It’s not difficult.It may be difficult to find the right platform to post on, but I have found that I can make a lot of money in the process. The easiest way to make money online is by using Twitter.I started my career as a Twitter […]

Australian dollar loses ground after Federal Budget

The Australian dollar fell sharply against the greenback on Monday as the Federal Budget delivered more pain for the economy.Key points:The Reserve Bank announced the first decline in the country’s inflation target in six monthsOn the front pages of newspapers the news was greeted with shock and outrage, with the Australian dollar falling to a […]

‘Cannibal Holocaust’ TV series on CBS All Access has no script

The series, called Cannibal Holocaust, is a TV adaptation of a book by Stephen King that was originally released in 2013.The series is written and directed by Steven Spielberg.“This is a very, very exciting time,” Spielberg told the Hollywood Reporter.“I have an incredible team, and I’m excited about working with them on this project.”“Cannibals,” which […]