The worst thing a CEO can do for the company is take money

The worst that a CEO could do for a company is to take money.The worst of all that a chief executive can do is take his own money.This week’s episode of our podcast, “CEOs Are Not Men,” looks at the worst that CEOs can do to their companies.The episode is based on a study by […]

How do you earn money when you’re a daily astrologer?

There are many astrologers that earn money daily, but I am not one of them.When I first started freelancing in 2009 I thought, I don’t need any money, because I’m not going to have to spend it on my hobbies.I started earning money as a daily, and I would earn even more money as I […]

How to earn money in the freelance world

A few years ago, I was earning $10 per hour as a digital marketer for a company.I was happy and comfortable, but I knew I wanted to be more creative and started writing.My career as a freelancer wasn’t looking great, so I decided to move into freelance marketing in hopes of making some extra money.That’s […]