How to get paid for being big

Big news: the world’s biggest tech companies are now using their wealth to pay their employees millions of dollars to do nothing.This is the latest revelation from a new report published by Forbes which breaks down the world of Big Money.Read more:The findings show that Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft and Apple have spent hundreds of millions […]

How much do wechat, bigo earn? – What do we chat earn in China?How much does wechat pay out in earnings to its top earners?WeChat has been on the rise since the beginning of the year.Its share price hit a record high of 20,811.60 yuan ($27,100) on January 2, and has been trending upwards ever since.The company has a massive […]

How to make money using your personal email address, Bigo earn

Now Playing: Uber says it is investigating a data breach that could have compromised the company’s personal data and user information and possibly even its ability to sell personal data to third parties

Netflix: How it works

Netflix and Amazon have been at war for years.They both offer services for users to stream movies and TV shows to the Internet.But their feud comes to a head in a new twist.Now Netflix and Google are making a bet that both will pay more for content.The deal is a move that could benefit both […]