What You Need to Know About Microsoft Earnings Report

Microsoft Corp. said Thursday it earned $1.05 billion in real-money sales for the third quarter, bringing its earnings total to $974.7 million for the year, as the world’s largest software company added 4.6 million full-time jobs and its market value rose nearly 14% to $76.8 billion.Microsoft’s net income rose to $18.4 billion, or $1,890 per […]

How to earn $1000 an hour from App Store earnings

Apple Pay, the payments platform for Apple products, is a hotbed for money making.In fact, in the past two years, Apple has earned more than $100 billion in revenue from the mobile payments business.Apple Pay has become the preferred payment option for millions of Americans, as well as millions of companies that accept the service.But […]

Which coins are lucky to earn money?

Apple earns money on the sale of iPhone, iPad, and Mac computers and tablets, but it does not make much of a profit.Apple has a long history of earning money off its products, and now its new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are among the best-selling models ever.Apple did not immediately respond to Ars’ […]