Paige Bueckers Mom: The Woman Behind The College Basketball Superstar


Paige Bueckers is one of the most talented college basketball players in the country. She has been making headlines since her high school days, and her success has only continued since she started playing for the University of Connecticut. But while Paige’s basketball skills are certainly impressive, they are only part of the story. Behind every great athlete is a supportive family, and Paige is no exception. In this article, we’re going to take a closer look at Paige Bueckers’ mom and the role she has played in her daughter’s success.

Who is Paige Bueckers’ Mom?

Paige Bueckers’ mom is named Amy Bueckers. She grew up in Minnesota and attended the University of Minnesota, where she played basketball for the Golden Gophers. After college, she coached high school basketball for several years before starting a family with her husband, Bob. Paige is the oldest of their three children.

Amy’s Role in Paige’s Basketball Career

From the time Paige was little, Amy knew that her daughter had a special talent for basketball. She encouraged Paige to play and helped her develop her skills. As Paige got older and started playing on more competitive teams, Amy became even more involved. She often served as a team manager or assistant coach and was always there to offer Paige support and advice.

Paige’s High School Career

Paige’s high school career was nothing short of remarkable. She played for Hopkins High School in Minnesota and led her team to four consecutive state championships. Along the way, she set several records and won numerous awards, including Minnesota’s Miss Basketball award in 2019 and 2020.

Paige’s College Career

When it came time for Paige to choose a college, she had her pick of some of the best programs in the country. Ultimately, she chose to play for the University of Connecticut, one of the most successful women’s basketball programs in history. In her freshman year, she helped lead the Huskies to the Final Four and was named the National Freshman of the Year.

Amy’s Support for Paige Off the Court

While Amy has certainly played a significant role in Paige’s basketball success, her support for her daughter goes far beyond the court. She has always been there for Paige, offering guidance and encouragement through all of life’s ups and downs. In interviews, Paige has spoken about how important her mom’s support has been, both in basketball and in life.

Amy’s Involvement in the Community

Amy is also involved in the community and has used her position as a basketball coach and mom to make a positive impact. She has worked with various organizations, including the Special Olympics, and has volunteered her time to help young athletes develop their skills.

Lessons We Can Learn from Paige Bueckers’ Mom

There are many lessons we can learn from Amy Bueckers, both as parents and as individuals. Here are just a few:

Encourage Your Child’s Passions

Amy recognized early on that basketball was something Paige was passionate about. Instead of trying to steer her daughter in a different direction, she encouraged her to pursue her dreams.

Be Involved and Supportive

Amy wasn’t content to simply sit on the sidelines and watch her daughter play. She became actively involved in her daughter’s teams, offering support and guidance along the way.

Give Back to the Community

Amy has used her position as a coach and mom to make a positive impact in her community. By volunteering her time and working with organizations like the Special Olympics, she has shown how we can all make a difference.


Paige Bueckers’ mom is a remarkable woman who has played a significant role in her daughter’s success. From encouraging her passion for basketball to offering support and guidance both on and off the court, Amy Bueckers is a shining example of what it means to be a supportive parent. As we continue to follow Paige’s basketball career, we can all learn from the lessons her mom has taught us.