Michael W Smith Wedding Photo: A Look Back At The Memorable Day

The Wedding of Michael W Smith and Debbie Smith

Michael W Smith, the renowned Christian music singer, tied the knot with his wife, Debbie Smith, on August 5, 1981. The wedding ceremony was held in Kentucky, and it was a private event attended by the couple’s close friends and family members.

The wedding was a beautiful and memorable event, and it was captured in a stunning photo that has become iconic over the years. In this article, we take a look back at the Michael W Smith wedding photo and the story behind it.

The Story Behind the Michael W Smith Wedding Photo

The Michael W Smith wedding photo was taken by a photographer named John Curry, who was hired to capture the special day. The photo features Michael and Debbie standing in front of a beautiful white archway, with Debbie wearing a gorgeous white wedding dress and Michael in a stylish suit.

The photo is a classic portrait shot that captures the love and happiness of the couple on their wedding day. It has become a favorite among Michael W Smith fans and is often used in articles, books, and other materials about the singer.

The Significance of the Michael W Smith Wedding Photo

The Michael W Smith wedding photo is significant for several reasons. First, it showcases the love and commitment of the couple on their special day. Second, it is a beautiful and timeless portrait that captures the essence of the wedding ceremony.

Third, the photo is symbolic of Michael W Smith’s legacy as a Christian musician. The singer has been a prominent figure in the Christian music industry for several decades, and his music has touched millions of lives around the world. The photo serves as a reminder of his contributions to the industry and his impact on his fans.

Michael W Smith’s Relationship with His Wife

Michael W Smith and his wife, Debbie Smith, have been married for over four decades. Their marriage has been a model of love, commitment, and faith, and they have raised five children together.

The couple met when they were teenagers and fell in love soon after. They got married in 1981, and their love has only grown stronger over the years.

Their Shared Faith

One of the key factors that have kept Michael and Debbie’s marriage strong is their shared faith. Both of them are devout Christians, and their faith is at the center of their relationship.

They have relied on their faith to guide them through the ups and downs of their marriage and have used their platform as Christian musicians to inspire others to strengthen their relationships with God.


The Michael W Smith wedding photo is a beautiful and timeless portrait that captures the love and happiness of the singer and his wife on their special day. It is a symbol of their commitment to each other and their shared faith, and it has become an iconic image in the Christian music industry.

As we celebrate the couple’s marriage and legacy, we are reminded of the power of love, faith, and commitment in our relationships. The Michael W Smith wedding photo serves as a testament to these values and inspires us to strive for lasting and meaningful relationships in our own lives.