Lisa Boyer Married To Dawn Staley: A Love Story That Inspires

The Beginning of Their Love Story

Lisa Boyer and Dawn Staley’s love story began in 1991 when they met at the University of Virginia. Staley was a basketball superstar, and Boyer was an assistant coach for the women’s basketball team. They were both passionate about basketball, and that was what brought them together.

However, they did not start dating right away. It was only after a few years of working together that they realized they had feelings for each other. They began dating in 1996, and their love story has been going strong ever since.

Their Marriage

Boyer and Staley got married on May 7, 2022, in a beautiful ceremony in Philadelphia. The wedding was attended by their friends and family, as well as some of the biggest names in basketball.

Boyer wore a stunning white dress, and Staley looked dashing in a black tuxedo. They exchanged their vows in front of a backdrop of flowers and greenery, making it a picture-perfect wedding.

Their Life Together

Boyer and Staley have been together for over 25 years, and their love has only grown stronger. They have faced many challenges together, but they have always been there for each other.

They both have successful careers in basketball. Staley is a head coach for the women’s basketball team at the University of South Carolina, and Boyer is an assistant coach for the WNBA’s Atlanta Dream. They are both passionate about the sport and have dedicated their lives to it.

Their Impact on the LGBTQ+ Community

Boyer and Staley’s love story has been an inspiration to many in the LGBTQ+ community. They have shown that love knows no boundaries and that everyone deserves to be happy, regardless of their sexual orientation.

They have been vocal about their support for the LGBTQ+ community and have used their platform to promote equality and acceptance.

Advice for Couples

Boyer and Staley’s love story is a testament to the fact that relationships take work, but they are worth it. Here are some tips for couples looking to build a strong and lasting relationship:

1. Communication is Key

Communication is the foundation of any relationship. It is essential to be open and honest with your partner and to listen to their needs and feelings.

2. Respect Each Other

Respect is crucial in any relationship. It is essential to treat your partner with kindness and understanding, even when you disagree.

3. Support Each Other’s Dreams

It is important to support your partner’s goals and aspirations. Encourage them to pursue their dreams and be there for them every step of the way.

4. Make Time for Each Other

In today’s busy world, it is easy to get caught up in work and other responsibilities. However, it is essential to make time for your partner and to prioritize your relationship.

5. Have Fun Together

Relationships should be fun! Make time to do things you both enjoy and create new memories together.


Lisa Boyer and Dawn Staley’s love story is a beautiful example of how love can conquer all. They have shown that with hard work, dedication, and a lot of love, any relationship can thrive. Their impact on the LGBTQ+ community has been significant, and they continue to inspire others to be true to themselves and to love freely.