The Exciting Return Of Fruits Basket Season 4 In 2023


Fruits Basket is one of the most beloved anime series of all time, and fans have been eagerly anticipating the release of the fourth season. The good news is that the wait is finally over, and season 4 is set to release in 2023. This upcoming season is expected to be even more exciting and engaging than the previous ones, with new characters, plot twists, and heartwarming moments.


Fruits Basket is a manga series written and illustrated by Natsuki Takaya. The first season of the anime adaptation was released in 2001, and it quickly gained a massive following worldwide. The story revolves around a high school girl, Tohru Honda, who meets the members of the Sohma family, who are cursed to turn into animals of the Chinese zodiac when they are hugged by a member of the opposite sex.

Season 1 and 2 Recap

In the first season, Tohru meets the Sohma family and learns about their curse. She becomes close with the family and helps them break the curse, one member at a time. In season 2, we see further character development and the introduction of new characters, including the enigmatic Akito Sohma, who is the head of the family. Season 2 ends with a cliffhanger, leaving fans eagerly anticipating the next installment.

What to Expect from Season 4

Season 4 is expected to pick up where season 2 left off, with the story continuing to follow Tohru and the Sohma family. There will be new characters introduced, including members of the zodiac who have not yet been featured in the anime. The theme of family and acceptance will continue to be explored, as well as the struggles that come with breaking free from old traditions and beliefs.

New Characters to Watch Out For

One of the most exciting things about season 4 is the introduction of new characters. Some of the new members of the Sohma family that fans can expect to see include Ritsu, the monkey of the zodiac, and Kureno, the rooster. There will also be new supporting characters, such as Machi Kuragi, a high school student who becomes close with Yuki Sohma.

Themes and Messages

Fruits Basket has always been known for its heartwarming messages of acceptance, forgiveness, and family. Season 4 is expected to continue exploring these themes, with the added focus on breaking free from old beliefs and traditions. The show encourages viewers to embrace their true selves and to not be afraid to challenge societal norms and expectations.

The Importance of Family

One of the most prominent themes of Fruits Basket is the importance of family. The Sohma family is dysfunctional and cursed, but they still stick together through thick and thin. Season 4 is expected to delve deeper into the family dynamics and explore how the characters cope with the curse and their relationships with each other.

Fan Expectations

Fans of the series have high expectations for season 4, and they are hoping that it will live up to the hype. They are looking forward to seeing their favorite characters again, as well as the introduction of new ones. They are also excited to see how the story will progress and how the characters will overcome their struggles and challenges.

The Anticipation for the Release Date

The release date for season 4 has not yet been announced, but fans are eagerly anticipating it. They have been waiting for years for the continuation of the story, and they are counting down the days until the release. The wait is almost over, and fans are excited to see what the future holds for Tohru and the Sohma family.


Fruits Basket season 4 is one of the most anticipated anime releases of 2023. Fans are eagerly awaiting the continuation of the story and the introduction of new characters. The show has always been known for its heartwarming messages of acceptance and family, and season 4 is expected to continue exploring these themes. The wait is almost over, and fans can’t wait to see what’s in store for Tohru and the Sohma family.