Flash Trigger Remote: A Must-Have Tool For Photographers In 2023


Photography is an art that requires precision and creativity. It is not just about capturing an image, but also about capturing the emotions and feelings behind that image. One of the essential tools that every photographer needs is a flash trigger remote. In this article, we will discuss what a flash trigger remote is and why it is crucial for photographers in 2023.

What is a Flash Trigger Remote?

A flash trigger remote is a device that allows photographers to remotely trigger their camera’s flash. It is a small device that is usually attached to the camera’s hot shoe or connected to the camera using a cable. The flash trigger remote sends a signal to the flash, telling it when to fire. This is especially useful in situations where the photographer needs to take a picture from a distance or when using multiple flashes.

Why Do You Need a Flash Trigger Remote?

There are several reasons why photographers need a flash trigger remote:

  • Flexibility: With a flash trigger remote, photographers can trigger their camera’s flash from a distance. This is especially useful when taking pictures of wildlife or when the photographer needs to be in the shot.
  • Multiple Flashes: When using multiple flashes, a flash trigger remote ensures that all the flashes fire at the same time. This creates a more even and consistent light.
  • Low Light Situations: In low light situations, a flash trigger remote can help the photographer capture the perfect shot without disturbing the subject.

Types of Flash Trigger Remotes

There are two main types of flash trigger remotes:

  • Radio Frequency: Radio frequency flash trigger remotes use radio waves to trigger the flash. They are reliable and have a long range.
  • Infrared: Infrared flash trigger remotes use infrared signals to trigger the flash. They are less reliable and have a shorter range than radio frequency remotes.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Flash Trigger Remote

When choosing a flash trigger remote, there are several factors to consider:

  • Range: The range of the flash trigger remote is an essential consideration. Radio frequency remotes have a longer range than infrared remotes.
  • Compatibility: The flash trigger remote must be compatible with the camera and flash. Some flash trigger remotes are designed for specific camera brands.
  • Features: Some flash trigger remotes come with additional features such as high-speed sync, TTL pass-through, and group control.

How to Use a Flash Trigger Remote

Using a flash trigger remote is simple:

  1. Attach the flash trigger remote to the camera’s hot shoe or connect it to the camera using a cable.
  2. Attach the flash to the flash trigger remote.
  3. Turn on the flash and the flash trigger remote.
  4. Take a picture, and the flash will fire.


A flash trigger remote is a must-have tool for photographers in 2023. It allows photographers to be more flexible and creative in their photography. When choosing a flash trigger remote, consider the range, compatibility, and features. Using a flash trigger remote is simple, and it can help photographers capture the perfect shot every time.