Do You Bring Anything To A Gender Reveal Party?


Gender reveal parties have become increasingly popular in recent years, and if you’ve been invited to one, you may be wondering if you should bring a gift or something else to contribute. The answer isn’t always straightforward and can depend on the specific invitation and your relationship with the parents-to-be. In this article, we will explore some ideas for what you might bring to a gender reveal party.

Understanding Gender Reveal Parties

First, it’s important to understand the purpose of a gender reveal party. These events are typically held during pregnancy to announce the sex of the baby to friends and family. They are often a fun and exciting way to bring loved ones together to celebrate the new arrival. The reveal itself can take many forms, such as cutting into a cake to reveal pink or blue filling, popping balloons filled with confetti, or opening a box filled with colored balloons.

Should You Bring a Gift?

One of the most common questions people have when invited to a gender reveal party is whether or not they should bring a gift. In general, it is not necessary to bring a gift to a gender reveal party. These events are typically more casual and fun-focused, and the focus is on the reveal itself rather than gift-giving. However, if you feel inclined to bring a gift, there are certainly some options to consider.

Gift Ideas for a Gender Reveal Party

If you do decide to bring a gift to a gender reveal party, there are many options to consider. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

1. Gender-Neutral Clothing or Accessories

If you want to bring a gift that is both practical and thoughtful, consider purchasing gender-neutral clothing or accessories for the baby. This could include items like onesies, hats, booties, or blankets in neutral colors like yellow or green. This type of gift shows that you are thinking of the baby and the parents-to-be while also avoiding any assumptions about the baby’s gender.

2. Books

Another great gift idea for a gender reveal party is books. Whether you choose classic children’s books or newer titles, books are always a great addition to a baby’s library. Consider choosing books with themes that focus on love, acceptance, and inclusion, or books that feature strong female or male characters.

3. Diaper Cake

If you want to bring a gift that is both practical and fun, consider making a diaper cake. This is a creative way to give the parents-to-be something they will definitely need – diapers! To make a diaper cake, start by rolling up diapers and securing them with rubber bands. Then, stack the rolled diapers to create a tiered cake shape, and decorate with baby items like pacifiers, onesies, and toys.

Other Things to Consider Bringing

If you don’t want to bring a gift to the gender reveal party, there are other things you might consider bringing instead. Here are a few ideas:

1. Food or Drinks

Bringing food or drinks to the party is always appreciated. Consider bringing a snack or dessert that fits the party’s theme, like pink or blue cupcakes or cookies. Or, bring a bottle of champagne or sparkling cider to toast the new arrival.

2. Party Games

To keep the party fun and engaging, consider bringing party games. This could include games like Baby Bingo or Name That Tune (with songs related to babies or parenting). These games can help break the ice and keep guests entertained.

3. Decorations

If you’re feeling crafty, consider making some decorations for the party. This could include things like banners, centerpieces, or photo props. These decorations can add a personal touch to the party and make the parents-to-be feel special.


In summary, whether or not you should bring something to a gender reveal party is up to you. While gifts are not required, they can be a thoughtful way to show your support for the parents-to-be. If you do decide to bring a gift, consider something practical and gender-neutral. And if you don’t want to bring a gift, there are other ways to contribute to the party’s success, such as bringing food, games, or decorations. Ultimately, the most important thing is to have fun and celebrate the new addition to the family!