Which esports team is winning the money game?

The most lucrative esports tournament in the world has gone live.The Counter-Strike: Global Offensive CS:GO World Championship (CS:GOWC) has been running since September, and in its first year of existence, the top three teams from North America and Europe will earn $1.2 million apiece.North America will also win $500,000, while Europe will receive $1,000.That’s a […]

How to earn money on YouTube without spending money

The video sharing site YouTube has announced it is now offering advertisers the opportunity to monetise their ads with video views.The move is aimed at boosting ad revenue as YouTube’s users continue to grow and advertisers struggle to compete.It comes after Google announced it would not be offering ads for video views in the United […]

What’s the latest on the salary cap?

The NFL’s salary cap will increase by $1.6 billion over the next three years, according to the league’s release.That’s an increase of $2.2 billion in total.That represents a $1,000 increase for every player in the league, or $2,000 for every team.The increases in the total cap will be phased in over the course of the […]

‘Cannibal Holocaust’ TV series on CBS All Access has no script

The series, called Cannibal Holocaust, is a TV adaptation of a book by Stephen King that was originally released in 2013.The series is written and directed by Steven Spielberg.“This is a very, very exciting time,” Spielberg told the Hollywood Reporter.“I have an incredible team, and I’m excited about working with them on this project.”“Cannibals,” which […]

When a Palestinian is killed, Israelis do not even care about the victim’s nationality

An article by Yaron Ben-David in Haaretz on March 9, 2017, reveals that when an Israeli civilian is killed in a clash, the Israeli government does not even bother to pay compensation to the families of the deceased.According to Ben-Adon, the reasons for this lie in the fact that the Palestinian who was killed was […]

“How to be the ultimate boss”

How to be a CEO?You don’t have to be like Steve Jobs or Warren Buffett, the man who made a fortune building companies and making millions off the backs of investors.And if you want to, you can make your company successful, but you also need to learn to be your own boss.The CEO of Capterra […]

How to Earn Money Paypal earns money

You’ve just saved up to $10,000.You’re not a millionaire, but you’re close.That’s because Paypal, the payments processing company, has a new feature called the “paypal earn money” feature.It lets you pay for things with a credit card, and you can earn money using it.That means you can make $5,000 in PayPal earn money for just […]