Alice In Borderland Season 1 Recap: A Thrilling Ride

Alice in Borderland is an action-packed Japanese thriller series that premiered on Netflix in 2020. Based on the manga of the same name, the series follows the story of three friends who find themselves trapped in a parallel world where they must participate in dangerous games to survive. In this article, we will provide a season 1 recap of Alice in Borderland, highlighting the key plot points and memorable moments.

The Main Characters

The series revolves around the three main characters: Arisu, Karube, and Chota. Arisu, played by Kento Yamazaki, is a young man who has lost his sense of purpose in life. Karube, played by Keita Machida, is Arisu’s childhood friend who is always there for him. Chota, played by Yuki Morinaga, is the tech-savvy member of the group who helps them navigate the parallel world.

The Games Begin

The series begins with Arisu, Karube, and Chota suddenly finding themselves transported to a deserted Tokyo. They soon realize that they are in a parallel world where they must participate in deadly games to survive. The first game they encounter is a version of the game Red Light, Green Light, where they must avoid being caught by a robotic doll.

As they continue to participate in the games, they meet other players who are also trying to survive. Some of these players become allies, while others become enemies. The group learns that the games are controlled by a mysterious organization known as the Game Master.

The Betrayal

As the group continues to participate in the games, they encounter a player named Usagi, played by Tao Tsuchiya. Usagi claims to be a friend and ally, but she eventually betrays the group and reveals that she is working with the Game Master.

This betrayal leads to a series of events that puts the group in even greater danger. They must navigate the games while also trying to avoid Usagi and the Game Master.

The Final Game

The season culminates in a final game where the remaining players must compete in a deadly version of the game tag. The stakes are high, and the group must use all of their skills and resources to survive.

In the end, Arisu and his remaining allies are able to defeat the Game Master and escape the parallel world. However, they soon realize that their troubles are far from over.

The Future

The season ends with a cliffhanger that sets up the events for season 2. Arisu and his friends discover that they are not the only ones who have been trapped in the parallel world. They encounter a group of survivors who have been living in the world for years, and they must work together to uncover the truth behind the games and find a way back to their own world.


Alice in Borderland is a thrilling series that keeps viewers on the edge of their seats. With its complex characters, high-stakes action, and intriguing plot, it is no surprise that the series has become a fan favorite. We can’t wait to see what season 2 has in store for Arisu and his friends.