34 Divided By 6: A Simple Guide


If you’re struggling with basic arithmetic, don’t worry, you’re not alone. Math can be intimidating for many people, but with a little guidance, you can master even the most complex problems. In this article, we’ll tackle the simple question of what happens when 34 is divided by 6.

Understanding Division

Before we dive into the specifics of 34 divided by 6, let’s review the basics of division. Division is a mathematical operation that splits a number into equal parts. For example, if you have 10 apples and you want to divide them into two equal groups, you would have five apples in each group.

The Division Symbol

The symbol used for division is ÷ or /, and it is read as “divided by” or “over.” For example, 10 ÷ 2 can be read as “10 divided by 2” or “10 over 2.”

Long Division

Long division is a method of dividing larger numbers that can’t be easily solved mentally. It involves breaking the problem down into smaller, more manageable steps. However, for the problem of 34 divided by 6, we can use mental math to find the answer quickly.

Calculating 34 Divided by 6

To calculate 34 divided by 6, we need to determine how many times 6 goes into 34. We can do this by dividing 34 by 6 using mental math or a calculator.

Using Mental Math

To use mental math, we can estimate how many times 6 goes into 34. We know that 6 goes into 30 five times (6 x 5 = 30), so we can estimate that 6 goes into 34 around five or six times. We can then divide 34 by 6 using long division to get the exact answer.

Using a Calculator

If mental math isn’t your strong suit, you can use a calculator to find the answer. Simply enter 34 ÷ 6 into your calculator and it will give you the result.

The Answer

The answer to 34 divided by 6 is 5 with a remainder of 4. This means that 6 goes into 34 five times with 4 left over. The answer can be written as a mixed number, 5 4/6, or as a decimal, 5.6666667.


In conclusion, 34 divided by 6 may seem like a daunting problem, but with a little practice, you can solve it easily. Remember to use mental math or a calculator to find the answer, and don’t forget to include the remainder. Keep practicing your math skills and you’ll be a division master in no time!