Adbitly, a songwriting service that helps musicians and other creatives monetize their content, has created a new tool that can help them find new audience.

The platform, Adbit, launched last week, and the company says it will be available on iOS, Android, and Windows platforms. 

The new tool, which will also be available to desktop users, allows artists to create an ad-free, ad-supported experience. 

Adbit, which was founded by a former BuzzFeed writer and former BuzzFeed editor-in-chief Ben Thompson, has been a staple in the industry since the start of 2017. 

It allows artists and publishers to create their own custom ad units that work with any content or platform, from mobile to desktop. 

Users then upload their own audio, video, and video-sharing content to the platform, and Adbit will pay artists for every share. 

This new platform, which offers a variety of monetization options, is designed to be used by publishers who want to target specific audiences, such as musicians and influencers, to ensure they get a meaningful return on their investment.

“We believe that the power of Adbit lies in the fact that the platform provides a tool for artists to monetize the content they create,” Adbit cofounder and CEO Andrew Lebow said in a statement.

“By sharing their ad units, the artists and their fans gain a meaningful revenue stream and create new audience and brand loyalty.” 

The platform, in addition to being free, will be paid for by publishers that add the feature to their site, such a BuzzFeed, Medium, and SoundCloud.

Adbit also says that it will not be available for free, but will offer a paid tier for artists and content creators that pay a fee. 

“We have seen a massive increase in monetization opportunities for musicians and artists over the last year, with Adbit becoming a platform that has been helping creators create a platform for sharing their content,” Adbits cofounder Andrew Lebows said in the statement.

“It has proven that we can build a platform where people can monetize and monetize for them.

As we build out the product, we’ll be sharing new features that we think will make it even more compelling.”