A New Zealand woman who lost her teeth, was in a vegetative state for three months and is in a medically induced coma in a US hospital has found a way to make ends meet, her mum said.

Key points:Debbie Rieger was given two days to live on the operating table in New York’s John F. Kennedy Medical Center (JFKMEC) in October and was given a life support order by New York State after losing her right arm and two other fingers and toes.

She had surgery to replace her right leg but her left hand was left to heal from surgery.

Debbie’s mother, Lisa Riegers, has been trying to find her daughter since she was born in March.

“She has never been in pain before, never cried.

She has been the best daughter any of us could ask for.

She was an amazing little girl,” Ms Riegs told the ABC.”

When she lost her arms and legs, she could only sit up on her own, but she was an extraordinary child.”

But we can never forget the times we lost our arms, legs and fingers.

It’s very hard.

She had to learn to walk again and I have to get on with the job of helping her to get back to her feet.

“Debbie lost her right hand and her right eye, which was amputated in September, but has since regained all the lost fingers and three toes.”

It’s been a very tough time, but we are getting on with our lives.

“Debbie is a remarkable, intelligent, kind and wonderful person who is doing fine, she’s a happy and healthy young woman,” Ms Jestter said.

“We will miss her very much and we are still very much looking forward to the day when she comes back to us.”

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