Why the USMNT’s goalkeeping woes will get worse

A year after losing its top spot in the World Cup qualifying standings, the US men’s national team will try to get back on track in its bid for a spot in Brazil next summer.The USA won’t be playing in its home World Cup, and the team has yet to make any significant progress in […]

‘A lot of the time you just have to ask questions’: Woman in a coma who lost all her teeth in surgery has a ‘tough’ life in the US

A New Zealand woman who lost her teeth, was in a vegetative state for three months and is in a medically induced coma in a US hospital has found a way to make ends meet, her mum said.Key points:Debbie Rieger was given two days to live on the operating table in New York’s John F. […]

Why are people still looking for jobs?

3q4 earnings are the biggest on record, according to the latest figures from the Bureau of Statistics, which show that the average wage has risen by more than 4.5% over the last year.This compares with a rise of 2.2% in the previous quarter.It is also more than double the 2.1% rise in inflation-adjusted earnings between […]

How to Be a Better Entrepreneur

It’s time to put your skills to work.Start by being more like the guys at The Boss, a global online company that’s been helping entrepreneurs improve their skills, build brand awareness, and generate sales for clients since 1997.You’ll find the site’s best-selling book, The Boss Book, and a video series, The Business Owner’s Guide to […]

When you buy a book, does it really mean you’re making money?

The idea of a book as a tool to make money seems so far-fetched, but in a few months you could be making a whole lot of money on the side.And it doesn’t even need to be a book.I have some great ideas for you to try, and if you’ve been thinking of buying a […]

How to win money on Facebook and Google Play games, with a little play

Playment is an online community for gamers that connects people with other gamers, providing a place to play games, play online, and find other players online.The platform allows gamers to find and join gaming communities across the world, as well as create and share content.In addition to the paid subscription model, the platform offers gamers […]

What does $1,000 worth of bitcoin earn in the US?

The currency is not yet officially legal in the United States but a handful of companies have been able to operate businesses based on bitcoin, earning money from the digital currency through advertising and other sources.A new startup, the Winklevoss twins, are currently in the process of applying for a US$1 billion dollar funding round […]

How to write a song that will win hearts and minds

Adbitly, a songwriting service that helps musicians and other creatives monetize their content, has created a new tool that can help them find new audience.The platform, Adbit, launched last week, and the company says it will be available on iOS, Android, and Windows platforms. The new tool, which will also be available to desktop users, allows […]