Canada’s top-selling car, the Lexus IS 500h, sells for an eye-popping $2,734,600, according to a recent Canadian Auto Association report.

The IS 500 was announced in February, just weeks after it was introduced in the United States.

According to the report, the IS 500 has a 0.8-litre four-cylinder engine that produces 306 hp.

That puts the vehicle at 0.5 l/100 km (0.33 mi/100 miles) of range.

It has a seven-speed manual transmission.

Its interior includes leather seating and a six-point steering wheel.

Top-seller: Lexus Lexus LX 500h.

Price: $2.7 million (US).

Car details: LS, LS 500h (two-door), 1.7L 4-cyl, 467 hp, 0-60 mph: 4.3 seconds (average) Powertrain details: 4-speed automatic, eight-speed dual-clutch automatic, electric steering, electric brakes, six-speed gearbox.

Other details: Bluetooth, 7-inch touch screen, Android Auto.

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