The following list is intended to provide a general guide to which books are most profitable on

While the list is meant to be a general guideline, the numbers on the right side of the list may not always be as indicative of what you should expect to earn.

It’s also important to note that this is not meant to cover all the possible rewards that may arise from earning a certain number of reviews on the site.

Rather, it’s intended to serve as a general comparison to the potential profit margins that you might find with different book genres.

The list also serves as a baseline to compare different genres and publishers on Amazon’s platform.

While some publishers have higher margins on Amazon, many are less profitable.

That said, if you have any additional information about how a particular book might be earning money on the platform, please let us know in the comments.


The Dark Tower Series The books that have the highest grossing potential on Amazon are the books that you would expect to get paid more than $10 on Amazon in the United States.

The books on the list above tend to have a higher percentage of reviews that have received a “buy” rating from the audience, which can be an indicator of how well the book is selling.

However, you’ll also find some titles that earn more than that on Amazon when they receive a “recommend” or “love” rating.

For example, you might expect to see a “love it” rating on a popular novel by Stephen King if you read it in a “read it and then buy it” category.

In fact, you’d probably see more of that in this case if you were able to purchase it in the top tier of recommendations.

For the rest of the titles, however, it can be hard to tell if that’s actually the case because the sales of these books tend to be relatively small compared to the number of times you’d expect to buy them.

That being said, many of these novels have an extremely high likelihood of earning a profit when you buy them on Amazon at their best value.


Harry Potter Series The next most profitable books on Amazon come from the Harry Potter series.

In a way, Harry Potter is the “golden boy” of the Harry books.

The Harry books have been incredibly popular in the US since they were first released in the 1990s.

The series has sold over 20 million copies in the past 15 years, making it the most popular English language series of all time.

Additionally, the Harry series is very popular in Japan and Korea.

The popular series is one of the most well-known fantasy franchises of all-time.

The best-selling book in each of the series is the series itself, which includes The Sorcerer’s Stone, which is the fourth and final volume in the series.

Harry books are popular on Amazon because of their high popularity in the English language.

This popularity, combined with a number of successful book titles, makes the Harry films one of Amazon’s top selling books.


The Hobbit Series The fifth and final Harry Potter book, The Hobbit, is a sequel to The Lord of the Rings, which was released in 2001.

Like The Hobbit series, the book series is popular in many of the English-speaking countries.

The trilogy includes The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug, which will be released on August 23, 2019.

Hobbit books are also popular because they are the first book in the trilogy to have an English-language translation.

In addition, books by Peter Jackson and Bilbo Baggins also made the list of the best-sellers in the Harry novels series.

Hobbit series books also earn a good deal of profit on Amazon compared to The Hobbit books, even though they tend to sell less often on Amazon than The Lord Of The Rings series.


The Hunger Games Series The Hunger games series has been around since 2004 and has sold millions of copies in various languages around the world.

The games franchise is one that has been successful worldwide, with over 1 billion copies sold worldwide.

The first two books in the Hunger series are the third and fourth books in that series.

The third and last book in this trilogy is The Hunger: Mockingjay, which comes out in 2019.

Mockingjaws books earn a fair amount of profit when purchased on Amazon but only if you are willing to wait a while before buying the book on the same day.

If you are interested in the book, you can preorder it for a good price by clicking here.


The Lord’s Prayer Series The fourth book in The Lords Prayer series is The Last Battle, which came out in 2018.

The book series has also had a number to success with the English speaking world.

If purchased on the Kindle, The Last battle book can be found for $2.99.

If a book is preordered for $1.99 on Amazon (or the Kindle equivalent), the book can also be purchased for $0.99 from