By Josh CaplanAssociated PressA new study by an online sports betting company found that $200,000 in CSGO earnings could be earned by betting on tournaments and matches, making it the highest paid sport in the world, and making it possible to make $1 million a year.

The study, published Wednesday in the online sports bettors’ marketplace Betfair, is a preliminary report from a team of computer scientists at the University of British Columbia.

They analyzed the daily betting history of over 1,000 online sportsbooks, which is why it took them so long to conduct the study.

The average daily earnings for a CSGO player is about $250,000.

The study found that for each match in a CS:GO tournament, a betting site will make $50,000 per match.

That means if you were to bet $200 on every tournament in 2017 and win $1,000, that’s $2,500 a match.

The biggest CSGO tournament in 2018 was ESL One New York, which netted $1.7 million, according to Betfair.

The biggest tournament in history was DreamHack Summer, which was the largest CS:Go tournament to date, taking in $4.8 million, Betfair found.

There were only four CS:Goes, the biggest CS:go tournament in North America, with $2.8-million at stake, according.

There are no official statistics on how much CSGO has generated in total.

The average weekly earnings of the players in the top five spots in the CSGO world are about $1-$1.50 per win, according the study, which found that players are paid up to $1 a minute for the most popular matches, including major tournaments like DreamHack and ESWC.

Players are paid about $500 per day for CS: GO, the study found.

The most profitable CS:S leagues in the U.S., the top CS: S leagues in Europe, and the largest esports leagues in China and Asia are all based in the United States.

The largest esports league in the Middle East, E-Sports League (ESL), was founded in the Netherlands in 2013.

“The average prize money per tournament is $200k, which makes it possible for the average player to make over $1m a year from a CSGets site,” the report said.

The authors also found that online betting sites have more than 3,000 esports tournaments per year, with nearly half of those tournaments being hosted by online gaming players.

The $1-per-minute average winnings that online gaming pays to the players could be more than the annual income of the average U.K. household, or the average income of an average household in China, the report found.

That’s a huge amount of money, the authors found.

“We believe that the largest portion of these esports revenues could be attributed to esports tournaments,” the authors wrote.

Betfair has since raised $300 million in funding, including a $1 billion Series B round led by a consortium led by the Microsoft group, along with other investors, including venture capitalists and technology companies.

The site is currently valued at about $6 billion.

The CS: Go esports tournament is one of the most watched in the history of the game, attracting millions of viewers and making esports one of gaming’s most lucrative forms of entertainment.

Last year, the game’s prize pool reached $2 billion.