PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP, a billionaire real estate developer, and U.S. Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders are sparring over healthcare.

| AP Photo Sanders calls for single-payer health care plan to cover all Americans.

Trump wants a single-payer system to cover everyone, including the sick and poor.

But he’s also said he would allow insurance companies to charge sick and disabled people more than their healthy colleagues.

“You know what I would do?

You would have a single payer system.

And I would allow insurers to negotiate, but you would have no deductibles,” Sanders said on Fox News Sunday, the first time he has addressed the issue since he announced his White House bid.”

We’re in the midst of a global pandemic, and it is time for us to come together and figure out a plan to save our country and our planet.”

Sanders is one of three major U.N. leaders who have said they would not support a deal that includes the United States, China and Russia, as they consider the U.K. and the European Union more influential and more supportive of U. S. President Donald Trump’s pro-free-trade agenda.