Airbnb is earning money.

The popular accommodation platform said Monday that its third quarter revenue hit $6.4 billion, an increase of 19 percent from the same period last year.

The platform’s chief executive, Anthony Levandowski, said in a statement that the company’s growth is driven by an increased number of visitors to the service.

“We have been making great progress on both mobile and desktop platforms in our platform,” he said.

“As more people choose to stay at our homes, we’re seeing the benefits in our business, as well as our growth in visitors to our platform.”

The company also said it saw growth in its global audience, which rose 5 percent to 1.7 billion people in the quarter.

It said its revenue rose 8 percent to $1.8 billion.

“The success of Airbnb has been a source of inspiration for our company, our team, and the people we serve,” Levandowski said in the statement.

“It has also led us to take an active role in promoting and supporting local communities, which are vital to our business.”

According to Levandowski the company is focused on making its services more accessible to the global population, and has been making a push to make it easier for people to stay connected to their communities.