WeChat has finally launched its Pay app, and the app is good for people who want to earn money from their WeChat accounts.

The app is designed to be easy to use, and allows users to earn extra money by earning and selling virtual items.

The apps main goal is to help people earn money in an easy and simple way, and its a great experience for both users and developers alike.

WeChat Pay will allow users to create, earn and sell items on WeChat, but the app also has other capabilities.

WeChat’s Pay app is currently only available for Android users, and will launch in the coming days.

Users will have the option to choose between the following Pay methods:Earn money from selling virtual goods on WechatEarn money earning appsEarn money on Wechsler testsEarn money in real timeEarn money for real timeWeChat has previously released an Android Pay app in the past, but it was not a complete overhaul of the existing app, instead it was a bit more polished and streamlined.

However, WeChat is still working on the WeChatPay app and it is expected to launch this week.

The app currently supports a number of popular virtual items, such as items in the Chinese game FarmVille, the popular Pokémon trading card game, and popular games such as Minecraft and Minecraft: Java Edition.

We also have the ability to earn cash for real-time earning and sell virtual goods.

The real-world selling option is not yet available.

The WeChatpay app is expected the biggest app in China, and users have been waiting to get their hands on the new Pay app.

Weibo, the Wechat social network, has also released a new WeChat app, but is still in beta testing, meaning that WeChat can’t officially launch WeChat PAY.

While the app has not launched yet, we expect it to be released soon.