Malaysia has been accused of hiding the truth on a scheme whereby people could earn unlimited money from their work.

The country has been criticised for its handling of the issue and its claims that the scheme is still operating in the dark, as thousands of people have lost their money.

Malaysia has a population of about 16.6 million, according to the World Bank, and the country is a net importer of goods and services.

It has been one of the most popular destinations for foreign workers, and there are fears that people who were already working overseas would be able avenge themselves.

The scheme was first reported by the Daily Mail, which reported that it was a scheme in which foreign workers would be paid up to $500 a day to work for as little as $1.40 an hour in the country.

A spokesperson for Malaysia’s Ministry of Manpower told the news outlet that “it is not possible for the government to determine the true number of people working in the economy” because the country was not able to track how many people were actually employed.

“The ministry has not been able to verify the numbers of workers in the industry.

As a result, there are many people who have lost money,” the spokesperson said.

Malayia has been criticized for its lack of transparency, with reports of widespread fraud and widespread unemployment.

Malania, which is also home to the world’s most popular and prestigious universities, has been a destination for some of the world ‘s wealthiest people, who flock to the country to study.

Some of them, like Singaporean billionaire Lee Kuan Yew, were reportedly paid up $1 billion in their 20s to work in the Malaysian government’s booming economy.

However, Malaysia’s government has come under criticism for its poor record on managing the country’s massive unemployment problem, and its refusal to address the problem.