Netflix and Amazon have been at war for years.

They both offer services for users to stream movies and TV shows to the Internet.

But their feud comes to a head in a new twist.

Now Netflix and Google are making a bet that both will pay more for content.

The deal is a move that could benefit both companies as they fight for their share of the video-streaming market.

Both companies have been pushing for their services to become a big part of their businesses.

“Netflix and Amazon both have a tremendous amount of data about what their users watch and what they want to watch,” says Richard Fisher, senior vice president of data and innovation at Netflix.

Netflix has been working with Google on how to make its data more valuable to its streaming customers.

For years, Netflix has made its data on how many people have watched its shows available for anyone to use.

Google has tried to use that data to create its own streaming service that could compete with Netflix’s own offerings.

Netflix is hoping that with a deal, it will be able to put more of its data to good use.

It will have to pay Google to use it for its streaming services.

“If we do that, then it gives us a competitive advantage,” Fisher says.

That could help Netflix compete with Amazon, which is offering more of it.

“Amazon and Google have a lot of data, and we’ve been able to use some of that to build an enormous library of content,” Fisher adds.

Netflix will have more of that information about what people watch, which will allow it to offer users a richer experience.

The data will also give Netflix a chance to make more of the content that it’s already offering available to consumers.

For example, Fisher says Netflix will be using its library of movies and television shows to sell more of those movies to Amazon Prime customers.

The two companies have also been working together to build more of their services into other services.

Netflix’s video-rental service, called Prime Video, is an example.

The service lets users rent movies and tv shows for $8 per month.

That’s about half the price of most streaming services that are offered for a subscription.

Amazon has also been adding a new way to watch shows to its service.

Netflix and other streaming services have been experimenting with new ways to make their content available to other people, so that people can watch more of what they’re interested in.

That includes offering people free access to the show and movie they want.

That may mean that the new Netflix deal will give people access to shows that are available to anyone.

The company also said it was also looking at how to offer free access through Amazon Prime to people who use its streaming service, as well as a service that lets people buy and stream shows through the company’s video app.

That way, they can watch what they love without having to subscribe to Netflix.