The internet is full of people claiming to have made some sort of money from their picbook videos.

However, a lot of people are claiming to be making a lot less than they actually are.

One popular picbook video is earning $0.001 per video.

This makes it sound like the average person who makes one video earns $10.

That is not the case.

“It’s the reality of the industry,” said Chris Housley, who makes videos for the online book store Goodreads.

The problem with the claim is that the average user on Goodreads earns about $1 per video, and the average paypal transaction for one video is about $15.

Housleys income comes from book sales.

Housley says he earned $2,500 in sales last year.

The average paid transaction for a picbook book is around $30, which is not exactly enough to make the average Paypal user earn much money.

If you make a video and then buy a pic book, you might earn more than $5,000 in Paypal fees, Housles income is just a small fraction of the total.

There are two ways to make money on a picbooks paypal.

The first is by sharing the video.

You can either sell the video on your own website or with another site.

But the other option is to use a payment gateway like paypal or bank transfer to make your video available on various platforms.

This is how it works.

I have been making a pic of my kids with my friends and then sharing the picture on Paypal to get paid for the picbook.

I have been paid $25 for this pic book.

I will pay $30 to make this picbook available for $20 each.

This will add up to about $6,000 total.

The picture is a picture of my 2 year old daughter.

Paypal does not have a system for sending payments to other users, so you must be using Paypal in order to receive your money.

This process takes a little time.

You can earn money by sharing your picbook with other people.

Once you have made a pic, you can then use Paypal’s Pay to Play system to make another video of the same picbook, this time paid.

This takes only a couple of minutes and is a very easy process to do.

This means that even though you may not have the most successful Paypal video, you will have a very large payday.