T-Mo, the company behind the prepaid phone service T-mobile, is offering a cash incentive to encourage customers to pay for their new phones with cash.

The incentive, which starts Monday, allows customers to earn a total of $300 for every new T-mo prepaid phone they buy.

For every T-MO phone that they buy, they’ll earn $200, which they can redeem for cash, a phone service account or any of a number of other products.

For the first 30 days, the incentive will only be available to customers who are in T-Mobiles T-line or T-Max plans.

For customers who have purchased a T-mobiles prepaid phone, the incentives will be available for the remainder of the year.

The incentives come after T-Mobiles customers were left in the lurch last year when T-Phone began offering the T-money prepaid service.

T-Money customers had to pay $1.49 per month or pay a $15 fee, which T-Phones later reversed.

TMo then reversed the $15 charge and said T-mobiles TMobile prepaid customers would earn the $300 cash incentive as well.

T-Mobile has said that the TMoney program is intended to reward loyal customers who buy their T-cell phone in TMobile’s stores.

TMobile said that in the first six months of the program, customers were making about $600 a month on their prepaid T-phones, and that they were “more than able to repay that interest expense by purchasing a new phone.”

TMobile has also said that T-phone customers can earn money by selling their prepaid phone to T-fone customers and paying off their phone service bills.