The money-making college football games have never been more popular than they are now, but one bettor says he’s never been so confident in a college football team.

Travis Egan has been watching the games on ESPN2 and is betting on all 32 teams on his $100 million bet, according to the Houston Chronicle.

Egan, a Houston-area realtor who lives in San Antonio, has made more than $300 million in college football bets since starting betting in 2008.

He’s also a fan of the Dallas Cowboys and is an avid football fan, too.

Eager to beat the odds and claim some of the biggest college football earnings yet, Egan, who’s also an entrepreneur, has set up his website, EarnMoneyTournaments, where he offers up $100M and $200M College Football Odds.

He even has a $1 million “payout” that will be credited to his account when the games are won.

Egad, who has a college degree from Houston’s Rice University, has spent most of his time online and says he wants to win.

He says he loves sports and that his bettors are like family.

He said he has never been as confident as he is now.

He has no regrets and believes he will have more wins than he has losses.

The games are usually played at the University of Texas, where Egan says he has made hundreds of thousands of dollars.

He said the games, with the exception of the Texas-Texas A&M game, are played at home.

The Aggies won the last two games.

Texas A & M’s coach Mack Brown, the head coach of the Houston Texans, and his assistant coach Tony Levine are the only coaches to win at least two Big 12 titles.

Levine has won two national championships with the Aggies.

Brown said he and Levine have had great success with Egan’s money-losing college football teams.

The former Houston Rockets player has won $20 million in his bet on Texas A&M and the Aggie has won more than the former Rockets coach has wins.

He told the Chronicle he hasn’t been as lucky as Levine, who won $8.3 million.

Egans bets also are on the Houston Rockets, who defeated the Oklahoma City Thunder in the Western Conference semifinals in April, and the Los Angeles Clippers, who beat the Golden State Warriors in the NBA Finals.

Egan said he had a better record than Levine when he had his chance to bet against the Rockets and that he won $1.5 million in that bet.

Eguan is one of a number of people who has been involved in the bettor phenomenon.

In August, ESPN’s Brian Windhorst told the New York Times that people were betting on teams for more than just money.

He noted that people would bet on “a team that is a great basketball team, or a team that has a great defense, or even a team with a really good basketball coach.”ESPN’s sports reporter Jon Machota told ESPN that people are betting on college football.

In his book “Betting on Sports,” he said there is a trend toward bettoring that involves sports that are not necessarily great.

The betting industry is booming, too, with sports fans making bets on sports that may not be in the headlines and are less important in the big picture.

But the gambling industry is still a relatively new industry.