A look at the salary cap and how it affects players and teams.

The sport is known for its high wages, high salaries, and a large share of the revenue goes to the top players.

But according to data from sports finance website Sports Moneyball, the top 10 players in the world earned an average of £25 million in 2016.

That puts them second only to Manchester United’s Wayne Rooney in the league table, behind Cristiano Ronaldo.

There are several reasons why these players earn so much money, but one of them is that they make their money in a variety of ways, from broadcasting deals to endorsement deals.

In 2017, FIFA signed a deal with the sports agency Puma to bring the agency’s athletes to the 2022 World Cup in Russia.

In the same year, the Puma-owned agency Aon helped the Barcelona star Lionel Messi sign a three-year deal worth around £45 million ($67 million).

That makes Messi one of the biggest earners at the 2018 World Cup, as well as a major sponsor.

Messi and Barcelona are also linked with a possible $500 million deal with Nike for the 2019 World Cup.

And there are many other ways that Messi earns money, including endorsements and sponsorship deals.

As for the number of players making millions, FIFA’s global salary cap only requires clubs to pay the top 20 players of each position in a single year, so it’s impossible to track how much money players make from each contract.

However, FIFA has released data showing that in the past year, players from every team in the World Cup made at least £10 million ($13 million).

It’s also possible to track the total revenue the World Cups generate for FIFA, though it’s still impossible to do so.

But the data provided by Sports Moneyballs shows that in 2016, the tournament generated £4.9 billion ($5.6 billion) in revenue, with a global revenue share of around 60 percent.

As FIFA tries to attract more players from around the world to the World Games, it’s important to look at how players are making their money.

That’s because, as Football Outsiders’ Matt Lawrie wrote in his book, The Complete Footballing Guide, “it’s not just the money that makes the difference.

It’s the mindset, the passion and the commitment that makes a big difference.”

Here are the top 50 earners in the 2017-2018 FIFA World Cup season.