The most lucrative esports tournament in the world has gone live.

The Counter-Strike: Global Offensive CS:GO World Championship (CS:GOWC) has been running since September, and in its first year of existence, the top three teams from North America and Europe will earn $1.2 million apiece.

North America will also win $500,000, while Europe will receive $1,000.

That’s a lot of money, especially considering how many of the top teams in the league, including Team Liquid, Cloud9, and EnVyUs, have already left the organization.

But the money is still being split up, and the top four teams will each get $1 million in cash prize money.

The top five teams in North America, and six of the 11 top European teams, will also earn $250,000 in cash prizes.

In total, teams from the United States and Canada will receive between $400,000 and $1 billion.

For the first time in Counter-strike history, the World Championship will also include two different cash prizes: a $1m prize and a $50,000 prize for the top-ranked team in the tournament.

The two teams that make it out of the group stage will also get a cash prize.

This will mark the first-ever time a major esports event has had two separate cash prizes, as it’s been standard practice in the Counter-sniper and Dota 2 games.

The biggest question mark in the CS:GWC is who will be the tournament’s prize-winner.

North American and European teams have been competing for the $1-million prize for several months, but each side has had a slight advantage.

North Americans have a reputation for making up the difference between winning and losing, so it’s a little surprising to see Team Liquid make it to the finals of the tournament despite a 2-1 loss to Liquid in the semifinals.

The $1 Million Counter-terrorism prize is split equally between North America teams and European ones.

While the money will be split equally, the European teams will get half of it, while North American teams will receive the other half.

Both sides will have to make the semifinals to be awarded the $50k prize, and all of the money for the finals will be distributed to the European and North American sides.

The winner will have $150,000 to spend on cash prizes for the tournament, but that money will go to a variety of charities.

The CS:Global Offensive World Championship is scheduled to take place at Staples Center on February 17, 2018, and will feature 16 teams from over 100 countries competing for $1M in cash.