A free smartphone is coming to Apple’s next-generation Macbook line, and a new way of earning money from your social media accounts has been confirmed.

Apple CEO Tim Cook made the announcement at a recent event, telling attendees at the company’s annual developer conference that Apple is “starting to get there” with its next-gen Mac line.

The Macs will support the social networking app Sharecash, which lets you earn money from shared photos, videos and other media.

Apple is also planning to add a new “Social Hub” feature to its Macs that lets users make money by posting photos, posting videos and sharing videos of their work.

Cook said that Sharecash will “bring the power of social networks to your Mac” and will make it possible to “earn money from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Snapchat and more.”

The announcement comes amid reports that Apple was considering introducing an “app-based” social network, similar to Google’s Hangouts, to the Mac line in the coming months.

But Apple CEO Tim Tim Cook has previously said that his company is not yet “going app-based,” which is a common practice among tech companies that make money from apps.

“We’re just starting to get to that point, and I think Sharecash is one of those things that’s going to change that,” Cook said during the conference.

“And we’re going to continue to have a focus on making apps accessible, accessible to everyone and have a lot of opportunities to monetize those apps and make them a great place to be.

But for the first time in my time here, I think we’re really getting there.”

Cook also said Sharecash would have a more direct link to social networks than Share.me, the app that launched last year that lets you post videos from your phone, as well as earn money for sharing photos, music and other video content.

Apple is expected to release Sharecash for the Mac on March 11, but it’s unclear if the company will be launching it on all Macs or just a subset of them.

Sharecash was initially developed by an Apple team at the University of Washington, but the team has since moved to an unnamed company in Silicon Valley.

Sharecash’s launch is significant for Apple because it is one more reason for the company to start working on social network apps.

The iPhone and iPad are now the most popular smartphones in the world, and Apple’s mobile operating system is the top-selling smartphone platform globally.

Cook also told attendees at Apple’s developer conference last year, which took place in San Francisco, that the company has already made “some of the biggest investments in the social world” over the last two years.

He said that the “new app economy” was the result of a “revolution” in the way companies like Apple work with people.

Cook, who has spoken frequently about the importance of making money from social networks, made it clear that Apple has plans to take the social network business “to the next level” with Sharecash.

He also said that Apple wants to be the “first to build” a platform that makes it easy to earn money by sharing photos and videos of your work.

The announcement also comes just a week after Apple added the ability to earn “social shares” from Facebook.

Share.cash lets users earn money “from Facebook, the most widely shared and popular social network in the US,” according to Apple.

The social sharing app was created in 2014 and lets users post a video of themselves sharing photos or video of them performing some activity, such as driving or playing sports.

Users can earn money simply by posting a photo or video, and can even share it with friends or even family members.

Users earn shares for posts that “engender shares” or “earner shares,” which are the number of shares for the post compared to the total amount of shares.

For example, a 1,000 share of a video is worth 500 shares.

Users also earn shares when they upload a video, or for posts “engenders” or for “earners” on “content.”

For example a 1 million-word post on Facebook generates 1,500 shares.

ShareCash is designed to give users the ability “to earn a social share from Facebook,” and it will allow users to earn shares from a wide variety of social media sites.

Apple has said that its new social network will be “social, mobile and fun.”

Apple has said Share.

Cash will help developers make apps more “mobile-friendly.”