The UK’s Sky Sports channel has released a new advert which is set to become the latest advertisement to be created by the British broadcaster in its new multi-platform advertising deal.

Sky Sports UK, which also owns BT Sport and BT Sport Plus, will be the official broadcaster of the new commercial.

The advert, which is part of the channel’s new multi sport package, features a trio of men and women who are looking for an old friend.

One of the men says, “It’s not just a football team, it’s a whole community.”

The three then run down the list of the things they would like to buy, and the ad then features a quote from former UK Prime Minister Winston Churchill, who said, “There are people out there who would like nothing better than to be like us.”

“The people who want nothing better are those who don’t like us,” he added.

The commercial is titled “I’m Not Your Man,” and is the first time a British prime minister has appeared on Sky, which has become the main international TV channel in the country.

“The ad is the perfect showcase of our relationship with Sky Sports,” Sky Sports’ chairman of the UK board, Chris Stephens, said in a statement.

“We’re delighted to partner with the brand and our partner brands to create a range of new and exciting opportunities for the UK’s media and audiences.”

The commercial will be shown on Sky on Wednesday, May 25 at 11:30pm.

The partnership is being overseen by the brand’s commercial department, which will also be responsible for promoting the ad.

Sky said the commercial is the third commercial it has produced for the channel.

The first was the Sky Sports One ad that was shown in November.

“Sky Sports has been able to work with BT Sport to develop new and innovative ways to reach the global audience, and this partnership with BT will provide us with the opportunity to continue this success and create a new, engaging and relevant way to reach people,” said Michael Cawley, BT Sport’s CEO.

The ad is one of three Sky Sports commercials that will be aired this week, with the other two being Sky Sports 2 and Sky Sports 3.

The next ad is set for May 26 at 11am, when the new multi channel package is shown on a number of channels including Sky Sports and BT Sports Plus.