When I first started this blog, it was meant to be a one-stop shop for Picbook’s own stories and photos.

Now I’ve added more than 100 stories and hundreds of photos from the past six months, which I’ve edited into one new post.

 Here are just a few of the highlights: The moment I met my wife: I was in my apartment, trying to figure out how to dress up for our first date.

She told me that she was going to get some new clothes.

I was nervous.

My mother was sick and she didn’t have much time to prepare, so I asked her if she could come over to my apartment for a little while and bring her a new outfit.

I went to my room and pulled out the new outfits and headed downstairs.

She came back about five minutes later and I asked if she wanted to buy me a drink.

She said, “No thanks, I’m already getting dressed up for my trip.” 

My first big adventure: My husband and I went on a vacation.

We decided to go on a canoe trip and then a kayak trip.

We spent our entire time kayaking and canoeing.

We went to beautiful beaches, and we got to go hiking in the mountains.

We got to see a lot of amazing wildlife, including wild dolphins and sharks.

The next day we decided to drive home.

I thought, “I really can’t drive home,” so I had to drive for a bit.

I think we took a few days to get home, and I thought we would be home for two or three days, but we got home in the middle of the night.

It was crazy.

The first time I ever used the word “crocodile.” 

I remember going out on a bike ride with my husband and then we started taking photos.

I had this camera on me, so when we were riding, I could focus on the bike, so we had these crazy moments when we took these beautiful photos.

We ended up having a couple of these moments, and then the next thing you know, we were in a car with the sun going down and we were all laughing.

It just happened. 

My mother was still sick and we had a little bit of time to plan for the trip.

I asked my mom if I could borrow some money from her and she said yes.

So we borrowed a couple hundred dollars from my mother and she started to spend it on a new car.

We started the trip and I said, “I need you to drive me back to my parents house.” 

The moment I got back to our apartment, I was completely dressed and ready to go. 

The time I met a girl: I went out for lunch with my boyfriend and we went to the restaurant.

I noticed a guy in a suit sitting in the corner of the restaurant and I noticed the girl standing there and she was wearing a shirt with a flower on it.

She was smiling.

We were like,  “Is she his girlfriend?”

I said. 

When I was walking home I saw this little girl sitting in a park.

I said to her, “Is this your girlfriend?”

She said yes, she was really cute.

She looked up at me and she smiled and said, I think she’s his girlfriend. 

How I got to the top of the world: I’m a big fan of climbing.

I’ve always wanted to go up a mountain.

I started to climb on my first trip, and it was so cool, because I didn’t know that I was going up a cliff or anything like that.

I climbed every day, and every day I got higher and higher. 

After that, I went up to Kilimanjaro, and the people there were really friendly and welcoming and they told me what a beautiful place it was and how beautiful it was.

I really enjoyed it. 

Once I got the job: I got my first job, and now I’m on my third job, working for the National Capital Commission and the Ontario government.

I’m the director of communications for the commission and I’m in charge of communications, media relations, and community engagement.

I manage the digital communications department and we’re trying to make sure that we’re reaching out to the communities we serve. 

 I’m also the assistant commissioner of the Metropolitan Toronto Partnership (MTP), which is a government-supported community development agency that works with businesses to develop a range of services and programs in the area of arts, recreation, health, employment, and education. 

One of the most rewarding moments of my career has been being a part of the Metro Toronto Partnership, which was formed in 2013 to enhance the city’s ability to attract and retain young professionals to the GTA. 

I was a part-time consultant for a couple years before I joined the Metro Partnership.

I got a lot more paid time to work on the program, and in my role, I helped develop some new initiatives