China’s “super shark” is making its way around the world, and one man has a unique take on the animal’s ability to feed on the people of its native South China Sea.

WeChat user “daniel” says he has survived several shark attacks in his career, but the “surfer-turned-pandemic” in South China is the most devastating of them all.

“I can tell you I’ve never had a shark bite,” he told National Geographic.

“I can’t tell you how lucky I am to have survived.”

Wechat earns money by advertising its news feeds with fake news stories and stories of the latest celebrity gossip, and Daniel, who says he’s had more than 3,000 followers on the social media app since 2014, says he is still getting paid by WeChat.

In addition to WeChat, Daniel also uses the platform to make news videos.

On his video, Daniel posted a photo of a man holding a baby and asking, “What is the name of this child?”

Daniel then said the man had just been bitten by a shark, and that the baby would be okay.

Daniel says that he was only allowed to have one baby by a court order, but that he is happy with the fact that he has his own children.

After a similar incident, Daniel says he decided to take the matter to court, hoping to get his children back.

“I’m not trying to take advantage of a system where you get paid to lie about something, but I think it’s a way of getting the message out there that you can’t just lie about anything,” Daniel told National News.

He said that while he is grateful for the money WeChat is making from his videos, he hopes that the system would eventually change.

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