Hacker News founder Alex Hernan has launched a new platform, Hacker News, which he hopes will give readers more value for their time and money.

The news aggregator, which Hernant says has been downloaded over 70 million times since its launch last year, is being developed to offer readers a chance to earn money for news that is valuable to them.

“Hacker News has always been a great way for people to connect with other like-minded people in the industry,” Hernanan said.

“It is also an incredibly rewarding outlet for those who enjoy the content and who are interested in learning about and participating in the community of our community.”

The platform allows users to add links to news articles that have been published by a trusted source and earn money by providing links.

Users are only able to earn up to $1.00 per article they add to the site.

The money goes to Hernand’s Paypal account, which is set up to be used for donations.

Users can donate $1 by entering the recipient’s name in the form below.

Hacker News has now been downloaded around 70 milliontimes, Hernany said.

The service was first introduced in 2015, and was first launched to the public on Paypal, but it was not available for everyone until now.

“We want to offer a way for anyone to contribute to the ecosystem and be rewarded for their efforts,” Harnany said, adding that the platform is free to use and is not a pay-to-play product.

The site has an extensive library of articles on topics such as software, computers, technology, and music.

The Hacker News team also wants to make it easier for new users to start contributing to the platform, with a new site page that makes it easy for people with a small amount of knowledge to jump into the community.

Users will need to create a username and password, which will be stored on the Hacker News servers.

Once a user has logged in, they can select their own topics, choose a topic to start a conversation with, and then submit articles.

Hernans goal is to make the site a “frictionless” experience, with no registration required.

The system is still in its early stages and users will need a subscription in order to view the articles.

However, Harnand said he has plans to expand the platform over time, with the first updates coming out in the next few weeks.

“The Hacker News community is incredibly open, supportive, and passionate,” he said.

Harnans team is working to bring the platform to other platforms such as YouTube and Facebook, and has already started the process to bring Hernands own platform to these platforms.

“This is an exciting time for the platform as it represents an exciting opportunity to help drive further growth for the community,” he added.