ESPN Crikey is reporting that the NFL has no plans to ban ads from live games.

“The NFL is committed to allowing fans to watch all of its games on any devices, including mobile devices, and we have no plans at this time to ban advertising from live sports on ESPN platforms,” a spokesperson told Criker.

As we noted last week, ESPN and the NFL have been working towards a partnership for some time, and ESPN is now actively working to bring the live game experience to all of the platforms that are part of the agreement. 

ESPN is still trying to figure out how this partnership will work. 

But the NFL’s statement comes as a bit of a surprise. 

The league has been a proponent of a pay-per-view model, but it has been slow to move into the subscription-based model. 

Now, though, the league says that it wants to “move more quickly” in that direction. 

And that could mean that fans will be able to watch as many NFL games as they want on their mobile devices.

The NFL’s new partnership with ESPN could be a sign that the league is finally taking a new approach toward live football. 

It’s not a big deal, but ESPN has been trying to get around the fact that it is owned by Turner Broadcasting Group, a company that has long been one of the major players in sports streaming. 

This could mean a big push to get more fans to pay for the live experience, even if it means doing it via the traditional subscription model.