The series, called Cannibal Holocaust, is a TV adaptation of a book by Stephen King that was originally released in 2013.

The series is written and directed by Steven Spielberg.

“This is a very, very exciting time,” Spielberg told the Hollywood Reporter.

“I have an incredible team, and I’m excited about working with them on this project.”

“Cannibals,” which centers on a fictional cannibalistic family that eats people, is the first in a series of “cult-themed” shows based on King’s novels, which have been adapted into various movies, television shows, video games and books.

The new series was first announced in March.

The show will be produced by Lionsgate, which is owned by Disney.

The company said the new series will be the second of three.

“Cannon Busters” is based on the book “Cavaliers of the Neon Sea” by J.M. Barrie.

The original “Camelot” film series was created by Robert Kirkman and Mark Waid.

The TV series, which has a pilot order, is scheduled to debut later this year on CBS.