Intra is the leader of a new company called “Fortnite” that makes online games like “The Last of Us,” “Halo Wars,” “Destiny,” “The Witness,” “Battlefield 4” and “Star Wars: Battlefront.”

Its first game, “The New Beginning,” was a hit.

In August, it was ranked second on GameSpot’s annual list of top 100 gaming sites, behind the Los Angeles Times.

The site’s $1 million prize is tied with the top spot in the Forbes magazine list of highest-paid writers.

Intras founder Andrew Lee said in a recent interview that he and his co-founders were “extremely proud” of the success of “The Next Game.”

“Fortnsite has been around for a while,” Lee said.

“It’s been an absolute blessing.

It’s been really helpful to us.”

Intran is based in California, with offices in Atlanta and London.

Its CEO is Mike Zukin, who was previously CEO of Zynga and Zyngaf.

Lee said the company was originally based in Seattle, but it moved to Fort Lauderdale, Florida, for the last two years to expand its base.

“We started thinking about what was the next big thing, what were the next things to do,” Lee told me.

“And we thought it would be fun to try to do a game in Fortnites’ universe.”

Fortnited games have become a phenomenon in recent years.

Last year, a game called “The Great Wall” sold over $1 billion in digital sales and earned more than $1.2 billion in prize money.

Lee and company said that “The Perfect Game,” a sequel to “The Wall,” has grossed more than 20 million digital downloads.

Ithras has also made some big moves in the gaming industry.

Last fall, it purchased a virtual reality company called Leap Motion for $200 million.

The company is now developing a virtual-reality headset that is supposed to work with mobile devices.

Istras has been working on a new virtual-world game called Fortniti.

It has a $20 million prize and is set to release later this year.

The game has a focus on exploration and “the thrill of the hunt,” and will be playable in virtual reality headsets.

Lee is a big fan of virtual reality.

He has played a virtual space game called Planet Coaster, which is a 3D shooter game, before.

“I think we have a pretty good handle on the fundamentals of how we can make it better,” Lee says.

“In our world, we really do have to be in a world where it feels real.

It really is like a VR game.”

He said that virtual reality technology is “a game changer” for games.

I’ve always been intrigued by VR.

Lee says he was a big “horror fan” growing up.

He and his brother spent their early childhoods watching horror movies.

“My brother was obsessed with the movies,” Lee tells me.

He’s not sure if I’m going to be able to play the game.

He said I could see myself becoming a “horrifying horror hero” if I want to.

I’m a big believer in virtual-simulators.

“If you’re a kid and you’re scared to death, then you need to go and play a game that scares you,” Lee explains.

I’ll definitely be using that.

“When you look at the history of horror movies, you can actually find some horror movies that have been very influential on what we think of as the genre of horror,” he says.

I will definitely be playing.

“You can’t do horror games without horror movies.”

I am playing.

I have a “normal” human eye.

The first time I look at my avatar, I feel as if I’ve been on a roller coaster, Lee says, “I feel like I’m on a ride with an invisible monster.”

But then, as I play, I get more and more frightened.

I feel like it’s my body going crazy.

The monsters, I start to realize, are real.

I realize that the world around me is just as terrifying as the monsters are.

The “monster” moves in a straight line.

I am the only one who can see it, but I’m able to sense it.

“The monsters are coming,” Lee yells.

I can hear the screams and the screeches, but no one is going to hurt me.

Lee plays for hours, sometimes days, at a time, while I stare at the screen and wait for my turn.

I keep getting the same response: “You are a monster!”

Lee says that I can’t get over how scared I feel.

I go from feeling happy to being completely terrified.

Lee’s experience playing “The First of Us” was the same. He