1899 Episode 5 Explained: A Journey Through Time And Space

The Plot

As the title suggests, 1899 is a period drama that revolves around a group of immigrants who travel from Europe to New York City. Episode 5 takes us on a journey through time and space, as the passengers encounter a series of strange and unsettling events on board the ship. The episode opens with the discovery of a dead body, which sets the stage for the rest of the story.

Throughout the episode, we see the passengers grappling with their own personal demons, as well as the larger existential questions raised by their journey. There is a sense of claustrophobia and tension that permeates the ship, as the characters struggle to come to terms with their own mortality in the face of the unknown.

The Characters

The ensemble cast of 1899 is one of its greatest strengths, with each character bringing their own unique perspective to the story. Some of the standout performances in Episode 5 include:


Augustin is a Frenchman who serves as the ship’s doctor. He is haunted by memories of his time as a soldier, and struggles to cope with the horrors he has witnessed. In Episode 5, we see him grappling with the ethical implications of his profession, as well as his own personal demons.


Samuel is a Jewish man from Russia who is traveling to America with his family. He is fiercely protective of his loved ones, but also harbors a deep sense of resentment towards the world around him. In Episode 5, we see him struggling to come to terms with his own mortality, and the possibility that he may never see his family again.


Abigail is a young woman from England who is traveling to America to start a new life. She is headstrong and independent, but also haunted by a traumatic event from her past. In Episode 5, we see her confronting her fears and taking a bold step towards the future.

The Themes

Like any good piece of art, 1899 explores a number of larger themes and ideas. Some of the most prominent in Episode 5 include:


The idea of mortality is a central theme in Episode 5. As the passengers confront the possibility of their own deaths, they are forced to grapple with the ultimate questions of life and death. This is particularly evident in the character of Augustin, who is haunted by the memory of a soldier he failed to save.


Fear is another prominent theme in Episode 5. The passengers are constantly on edge, as they encounter strange and unsettling events throughout the ship. This fear is both internal and external, as the characters struggle with their own personal demons as well as the larger threats that they face.


Despite the dark and often grim subject matter, there is also a sense of hope that runs through Episode 5. The characters are all on a journey of self-discovery, and are forced to confront their own fears and limitations. This is particularly evident in the character of Abigail, who takes a bold step towards the unknown in order to build a better future for herself.

The Verdict

Overall, Episode 5 of 1899 is a compelling and thought-provoking piece of television. The performances are strong, the themes are resonant, and the story is gripping from start to finish. Whether you are a fan of period dramas or simply looking for something new to watch, 1899 is definitely worth checking out.

So what are you waiting for? Grab some popcorn, settle in, and get ready for a journey through time and space unlike any other.